Unified Communications and Collaboration

The future is the Cloud and an all-in-one UC&C (Unified Communications and Collaboration) platform that works anywhere, on all of your devices. You need a product that guarantees functionality and ease of use, a return on investment and that is safe.

Many companies have been entrusting internal and external communication to old PBXs. The best these old products can offer is an answering machine, the ability to put calls on hold and pass them through, with procedures that are not always straightforward. 

What if we told you that there is a Unified Communication system designed for your business that is able to increase your productivity whilst ensuring 100% security?

In addition, this system offers you transparent licenses and an all-inclusive package: it means that in a single platform, you will have all the available services without the need to buy additional applications, or the need to install other protections against cyber-attacks.

Thanks to Unified Communications, your company would be able to streamline employees’ daily processes. How? Managing waiting calls, avoiding clogged lines, easily sharing documents, employee “status” always visible, and starting video conferences in order to avoid travel… These are just some of the solutions for the small, everyday office issues. And it can be integrated with your company’s management software.

Gemini has been working in this field for years and as such we've seen the changes in technology that have occurred over time; the good and the ones you should stay far away from. In light of this experience, we are able to select quality and discard wasted investments.

A system we like to work with is the Wildix UC&C system. Wildix is the first 100% browser-based VoIP PBX to feature WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology, designed for businesses and capable of increasing productivity. Wildix is also mobile-first: the Wildix App works on any smartphone operating system, in the office, at the airport, abroad – wherever you are supported by an internet connection.

What does WebRTC mean?

  • It is usually not possible to show the customer a real return on investment. For ROI to be measured, the UC&C system must work on the web, and this is possible with WebRTC.
  • There are mobile solutions that require the operation of VPNs or special configurations or the installation of software clients that make the system complicated for your business. WebRTC solves all these problems in an exemplary way. 
  • Typically you have to take care of security by installing SBC and VPN, complicating the solution, leaving you as an unsafe and dissatisfied customer. WebRTC does not need any VPN to work. 

That's why with Wildix we have chosen to offer you a Cloud solution that is easy to install and integrates with on-premise installations. A combination of interface, operation and logic saves time and avoids installation or billing problems.

Want to find out more about UC&C? Call us on 01228 516500 or contact us here.

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