How Does Technology Assist in Education?

Technology in education is one of the biggest changes in teaching we have seen over the last few years. Technology has altered not only how teachers interact with their students, but how they communicate with other members of staff and parents. Alongside this, children are now digital savvy from a young age, having grown up with technology it’s a major part of their lives.

A recent study in the US found that the introduction of technology makes 87% of students more likely to attend class and 72% of them more likely to participate. Another study by Smoothwall in the UK found that 96% of teachers believe technology has had a positive impact on the way children participate and learn in lessons. 

So how does bringing technology into the classroom really help the students?

  • It gives students a real-world skill to use later in life.

We live in a digital world and becoming confident with technology is an essential life skill. The more opportunities a student has to work with technology at school, the less intimidation a student may feel when entering the workplace and attempting to adopt technology in their occupation.


  • It’s a chance to learn about online safety and the risks of social media.

When dealing with an issue like online safety, it is vital for children to learn how to safeguard their personal information. Having technology in the classroom allows teachers to offer practical advice and skill development opportunities, allowing the students to engage with social media tools and technology in a safe environment.


  • The Internet enables teachers and students to have immediate access to up-to-date information through online textbooks.

With a quick search online, students can have access to a multitude of educational books, articles, journals and videos. These can also then be downloaded to their iPads or tablets and have them on the go which also eliminates carrying around lots of heavy books!


  • Technology can be fun!

Students learn better when their environment and curriculum is interesting and fun. Keeping them motivated can be a challenge but using technology in the classroom has shown to increase student engagement.


  • Saves paper and money.

Schools spend lots of money on books and other printed materials every year, by using iPads or tablets instead these costs can be dramatically decreased, which also goes a long way in helping our environment.

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